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Gerontological Nurse Certification Exam Study Guide

The certified gerontological nurses are to work with geriatric patients and help them improve their living and prevent the consequences of chronic diseases and also involve patient and his family in the educational process. The gerontological nurse certification certifies this ability of the registered nurses.


The applicant must be a registered nurse with an associate degree or diploma from an accredited 2 year registered nursing program. The candidate should have worked for at least 2 years full time as a geriatric nurse and with 2000 hours in the past three years. In addition to that the candidate must have competed 30 hours of continuing education in the past three years.

Gerontological nurse certification exam format

The examination comprises of 175 multiple choice questions out of which 25 are pretest questions marked for future reference while the other 150 question earn the scores. The examination may ask questions related to the health issues concerned with geriatric patient, normal aging changes and the lifestyle changes and the skills of the nurses to treat and handle such patients. The certification remains valid for three years and by that time the nurse would have completed at least 1000 hours of employment as gerontological nurse and have 75 hours of continuing education. The candidates can also apply for the recertification.

Gerontological nurse certification study guide

Preparation and revision is all that can help you with the examination. You have the chances of making a good career out of this profession, but you need to dedicate yourself for the preparation. You can take the help of a Gerontological nurse certification study guide that will allow you get prepared for the examination and also will allow you know the exact examination format.


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Gerontological Nurse study guide