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Dental Technician Exam Study Guide

Any dental practice needs a team to make sure that the dentist can concentrate upon their job, without worrying about the day-to-day tasks. Dentists need dental assistants to help with the administrative side, but they also need dental technicians to help them with the practical side, acting as support staff and offering a expertise and skill.

Because of the highly specialized tasks that a dental technician is expected to perform, they need to pass a series of practical and theoretical exams, showing that they have the knowledge and aptitude to succeed.

Dental Technician Tasks

Dental technicians perform a range of tasks, and are usually responsible for creating the crowns, braces, and bridges, working with a range of mediums. A dental technician must have excellent hand/eye coordination and be comfortable working with wax, steel, polymer, ceramic, and alloys.

They must be able to produce dental aids that are robust but also aesthetically appealing, following the guidance and prescriptions of the dentist. Dental technicians can also develop specialties, such as prosthetics, cosmetic surgery and orthodontics.

Dental Technician Study Guides

Dental technicians must hold academic qualifications, such as an associate degree, degree, or apprenticeship, and most states require that dental technicians must pass a licensing exam set by the American Dental Association. These exams are stringent and require a lot of preparation and study.

To ensure that you know which topics to revise, a good dental technician study guide will help you to focus. An easy to follow, logical format, and a battery of test questions will ensure that you have the full range of topics required.