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AEPA Arizona Educator Proficiency Assignment Test Study Guide

The AEPA Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment is designed to ensure that Arizona’s teachers and educational administrators are of a high standard. The tests are stringent, and ensure that educators have a good level of knowledge in their subject area allied with a broad base of general knowledge and skills.

AEPA Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment Structure

The structure of the test varies, according to subject, but the two main types of question are multiple choice and short essay compositions. Some of the subjects covered are:

  • AEPA Professional Knowledge Tests: This test is mandatory, and consists of three levels, Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary levels, of which a candidate sits one. They test the candidate’s general teaching ability, pedagogical knowledge, and other professional skills. The test usually contains 100 multiple choice or short-answer questions, as well as three written assignments.
  • AEPA Subject Knowledge Tests: For teacher trainees specializing in a specific subject, this tests ability in a specific subject. Most tests consist of about 100 multiple-choice or short questions, and one written response. Language tests include 55 questions, a written assessment, and an oral presentation.
  • AEPA Constitutions of the United States and Arizona: This assesses the student’s familiarity with the US and state constitutions, and consists of 100 questions.
  • AEPA Administrator Tests: This test is available in three levels, Supervisor, Superintendent and Principal, depending upon the qualification sought. These tests are a mixture of short answers and written assignments.
  • AEPA Basic Skills Tests: This consists of three subsets, which can be taken independently or all together. The Reading Comprehension and Mathematics subtests consist of 42 short-answer questions; the Written English consists of 42 short-response questions and a written assignment.

AEPA Arizona Educator Proficiency Assignment Test Study Guide

As with any test, preparation is the key to passing the AEPA test, and a good Arizona Educator Proficiency Assignment study guide will ensure that you know what to expect. The structure of the study guide helps you to identify any gaps in your knowledge and build confidence.


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